Ruff Ramp Snow Shovels


Your pup loves the safety and sure footing that Ruff Ramp provide everyday, AND THEN IT SNOWS!  How are you going to get all that snow off Ruff Ramp so they can traverse the staircase?  Ruff Ramp Snow Shovels of course.

Ruff Ramp Snow Shovels come as a pair.  The macro Snow Shovel allows you to get the majority of snow off of Ruff Ramp so your pup won’t be hip dip in snow. The micro Show Shovel fits perfectly between the cleats of Ruff Ramp to remove any remain snow.  The gap between the cleats and the wide guardrail allows you to push the snow off.  You don’t even have to  lift the snow out.

Ruff Ramp Snow Shovels are the perfect way to keep your pup going up and down Ruff Ramp all winter long.


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