Ruff Ramp® LANDING – a 90 Degree Ramp Turn


Add a 90-degree ramp turn to your Ruff Ramp® by adding a landing!

Select the size of your Ruff Ramp® and how many stairs you have.

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The Perfect Ramp Turn

Note: Landing is not compatible with 1 or 2 stair Ruff Ramp®s.

So you are convinced your pup needs a Ruff Ramp®, but when you look at the staircase Ruff Ramp® will go on, you do not see how it will fit!  Your staircase may run out onto your drive way, and how are you going to get your car around Ruff Ramp® to get into the garage?  Or you may have a huge tree or boulder right where you want to put Ruff Ramp®.  How is that going to work?  The answer is to add a Landing to Ruff Ramp®!  A Landing is just a rectangular platform that is placed at the bottom of your stairs and turns Ruff Ramp® 90° to the left or right.  Problem solved!

Ruff Ramp® Landings come in two sizes depending on where you need to make your turn and how many stairs you Ruff Ramp® is covering.  Ruff Ramp® Landings also have the appropriate height guard rail to match the guard rail on Ruff Ramp® and keep your dog safe all the way up and down when using Ruff Ramp®.  Some dog owners use two Ruff Ramp® Landings so they know their furry family member can enter or exit Ruff Ramp® exactly where they need to be.

If you are confused about if you need a Ruff Ramp® Landing or how you would design your Ruff Ramp® with one,  simply shoot us a note on the contact us link.  Someone will get back to you right away as to what size Landing you need and where it should go in Ruff Ramp®!

Need a 180° landing for your Ruff Ramp® ?  No problem.  We do custom 180° landing to best fit your configuration.  Simply Schedule a Consultation with us by click the blue oval at the bottom right of any web page.

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