Indoor Pet Ramps - Small Dog Ramp for Bed

Ruff Ramp 4  Couches, a dog ramp for couch, and Ruff Ramp 4 Beds, a dog ramp for bed, allow your dog to come to you in bed or on the couch safely and easily without jumping.  Everyone loves to have that good dog snuggle up with them on the couch or in bed.  Now they can!  And they can decide on their own, without you having to pick them up.   They simply walk the gentle slope of Ruff Ramp to get where they want to be anytime they want to be there.  And Ruff Ramp 4 Windows allows them to wait for you to come home by the window.  Imagine how happy they will be when they see you pulling up the driveway!

Ruff Ramp 4 can be stained any color you desire so it is guaranteed to match your decor.  It is rock solid so you pup is never scared while climbing.  It has Ruff Ramp signature cleats spaced appropriately so tenderfoots can still use it to climb.  The surface between cleats has low profile fibers bonded to it.  Your good dog can use their claws to climb if needed making them even more secure.  Ruff Ramp rails prevent falls and discourage jumping off.

All Ruff Ramp 4’s assemble and disassemble in seconds.  This allows you to store Ruff Ramp 4’s flat so they can slide under the bed or couch.  Ruff Ramp 4 comes into two width and two rail heights.  It is safe for dogs up to 100 lbs!

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