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When dogs and cats are very happy and relaxed, you may notice that they slowly blink their eyes. Montana, our tri-colored Australian Shepard and the inspiration for founding this company, would do slow blinks as well. Our family referred to those slow blinks as love winks and we knew he was feeling happy and content. It seemed natural to name the company Love Wink Products.

Stay tuned. A Ruff Ramp for dogs up to 150 lbs is coming soon.

Ruff Ramp comes partially assembled. We provide the few screws, and bolts that are needed to complete the job. To make it easier we have drill pilot holes where the screws go. You will need common household tools like a Phillips screw driver, adjustable jaw wrench, and a small hammer or mallet. Ruff Ramp comes with easy to follow instructions, and there are assembly videos on our website and YouTube.

You can and Ruff Ramp will be very secure, however, just be aware you will leave permanent holes in your deck where the screws go.

We recommend to extend Ruff Ramp by one additional section or Mini-section, if there is room. This will give your dog an even more gradual slope and the stone will not be effected.  If there is not room for another section, we recommend removing the stone so that your dog can safely use Ruff Ramp. When Ruff Ramp is no longer needed, the stone can be put back in position.

Ruff Ramp was designed, tested, and veterinary approved for each section to span 2 steps.  Using less sections to create a Ruff Ramp to span more than the recommended stairs increases the risk of injury to the dog and to whomever is accompanying your dog on Ruff Ramp. IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED YOU USE RUFF RAMP OUTSIDE THE RECOMMENDED USES.

Stay tuned.  We are working on systems for long staircases.

Ruff Ramp was designed for exterior use. If you use it on interior stairs, you will not be able to anchor the bottom foot making Ruff Ramp unsafe for your dog and for you. In addition, the flexing that Ruff Ramp does when in use will damage your floors. Best to just use Ruff Ramp on the exterior.

Ruff Ramp is designed for the elements of the exterior and will not be affected by rain or snow, but snow is a safety hazard for any Pet. You should carefully remove as much snow and ice from Ruff Ramp as you can before your dog uses Ruff Ramp so your dog always has good footing.  Narrower shovels can be purchased that fit in-between the treads and the sides are open to push snow out of the treads.

Please do share all your thoughts with us by filling out our contact form. We want to be coming out with products our customers really want and like!
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