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As dog lovers, we’ve lived the difficulties and challenges of caring for our aging and infirmed four legged family members. We design, develop, and deliver unique products that improve the quality of life for our furry friends that make the twilight of their lives an enjoyable and comfortable experience.

Old Dogs Wanted

Remember the excitement of a new puppy? Full of energy and spunk, they made us laugh for hours. When they needed something, we could go to the internet and choose from thousands of products with all kinds of features. As time passes, our best friend loses some of that energy, but still keeps the spunk! We would do anything to help them with old age and the infirmities that they are dealing with. Yet we go to the internet and there is very little available for them. The product that are available are limited in design. No real solutions…

Love Wink Products wants to change that! After a decade of giving unconditional love and attention to us, we want to make the retirement years of their lives as pleasant as possible. They earned it and deserve it. Help us help them. Give us your ideas on products you want and need. Share all the features you think the products should have and how they would work. We will do our part then to keep our dogs happy and healthy for a long time.

Ease the Pain of Arthritis, Hip Dysplasia, and Spinal Issues with Ruff Ramp! Less Pain Means Less Degeneration!


 They love us unconditionally, so let’s ease their pain with Ruff Ramp.  Ruff Ramp always ships direct to your door for FREE!

  And, if you want 4 easy payment from Affirm, that will be available to you at that time your order is processed.

Thank you for your patience. We cannot wait until your dog feels the serenity of using a Ruff Ramp for stairs.

Dog can’t navigate steps anymore? Guilford man’s invention helps elderly, disabled dogs get around...

Dr. Anita Soucy: “We really need something to help these old dogs. Just the ability to get in and out of the house without pain is huge…especially the big dogs, they can’t get up the stairs without pain and eventually they’ll stop trying because it hurts so much and that can be a limit to their lifespan…”

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About Love Wink Products

When our beloved Montana became older and was diagnosed with congestive heart disease, we looked for products that would help us give him the love and care he deserved. We found the availability lacking, limited, and inadequate for the challenges he was experiencing, so we designed and built prototypes that helped us help him. After he passed, we realized that others could benefit from the prototypes we created, so Love Wink Products was formed to bring these ideas to other who want to give loving care to their beloved furry companions.

Frequently Asked Questions

When dogs and cats are very happy and relaxed, you may notice that they slowly blink their eyes. Montana, our tri-colored Australian Shepard and the inspiration for founding this company, would do slow blinks as well. Our family referred to those slow blinks as love winks and we knew he was feeling happy and content. It seemed natural to name the company Love Wink Products.

Stay tuned. A Ruff Ramp for dogs up to 150 lbs is coming soon.

Ruff Ramp comes partially assembled. We provide the few screws, and bolts that are needed to complete the job. To make it easier we have drill pilot holes where the screws go. You will need common household tools like a Phillips screw driver, adjustable jaw wrench, and a small hammer or mallet. Ruff Ramp comes with easy to follow instructions, and there are assembly videos on our website and YouTube.

You can and Ruff Ramp will be very secure, however, just be aware you will leave permanent holes in your deck where the screws go.

This is not a problem at all.  You have several options that will protect your landscape stone and still provide a safe and secure Ruff Ramp for your dog to get up the stairs.
If your landscape stone stops close to the bottom of Ruff Ramp, you would simply add a landing.  A landing allows your Ruff Ramp to turn 90 degree so the bottom end can reach turf and be secured.
If you don’t want to turn Ruff Ramp 90 degrees, simply purchase another Ruff Ramp Module.  A one stair module adds 35” in length, and a 2 stair adds 52” in length to get the bottom of Ruff Ramp secured into the turf.
If you have a landscape patio or cannot reach the turf, simply purchase an additional name plate.  Your Ruff Ramp will have a name plate at the top and bottom of it which will give stability to the ramp and protect the stone from any scratches.

And if you have something not covered here, reach out to us on our Contact Us link.  We would be happy to assist you in a proper configuration of your pets Ruff Ramp!

Ruff Ramp was designed, tested, and veterinary approved for each section to span 2 steps.  Using less sections to create a Ruff Ramp to span more than the recommended stairs increases the risk of injury to the dog and to whomever is accompanying your dog on Ruff Ramp. IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED YOU USE RUFF RAMP OUTSIDE THE RECOMMENDED USES.

Contact us using the Contact Us link.  We are happy to work with you to configure a Ruff Ramp to work on your stairs.

Ruff Ramp was designed for exterior use. But stay tuned!  We have a Ruff Ramp product for interior stairs in the works.   If you would like to be a beta tester for it when it is ready, send us a note using the Contact Us link!

Ruff Ramp is designed for the outside elements of the exterior and will not be affected by rain or snow, but snow is a safety hazard for any Pet. You should carefully remove as much snow and ice from Ruff Ramp as you can before your dog uses Ruff Ramp so your dog always has good footing.  Narrower shovels can be purchased that fit in-between the treads and the sides are open to push snow out of the treads.

Please do share all your thoughts with us by filling out our contact us form. We want to be coming out with products our customers really want and like!

Yes! Purchasing a Ruff Ramp is a great way to get your puppy up and down the stairs until they are large enough to manage a staircase.  When they have grown up and learned the stairs, take down Ruff Ramp and store it in a dry place.  When that puppy turns 9 years old it is a good time to put Ruff Ramp back up again.  When they start using it again, they will see that it’s much easier than the stairs, especially as they continue to age.  Just be sure to order the size they will be as an adult, and not as a puppy!

Aging dogs have all the same pains as aging people.  The difference is that only the people complain about it!  When a dog is whimpering softly, they are in agony.  They will not be responsive to your efforts when they are in agony.  The best time to purchase Ruff Ramp, and train they to use it, is before they need it.  When the pain of arthritis hits them, they will see that Ruff Ramp does not hurt like the stairs do, and will naturally go to it.   Some dogs only hurt going in one direction on the stairs initially.  They may continue to use the stairs in the direction that is not painful and Ruff Ramp for the direction that is.  This is fine.  When they get to the age that it hurts all the time to use the stairs, they will use Ruff Ramp going up and down.  Some dogs may need to be shown again that Ruff Ramp works in both directions.

Absolutely!  Stairs put a tremendous load on your dog's body, where as Ruff Ramp's easy 15 degree slope provide a light load over a longer time period to their body.  It may actually be therapeutic for you dog to use Ruff Ramp.  We recommend calling your vet before ordering for a dog with medical conditions to be certain.  If your vet has any questions, please have them send the question on our Contact Us link, and our staff veterinarian will respond to those veterinarians.

Yes, old dogs can be trained almost as easily as young ones, in most cases.  But you can’t wait so long that the pain is too great.  We offer the following tips for training.

  • Ruff Ramp, when assembled correctly, is rock solid. It should not wiggle, move, or bounce when your dog is on it  They we have a very secure sense when using it.  Make sure Ruff Ramp has be                     assembled per the instructions before any pet uses or trains on it.  If they fear it, It will be very hard to train them to use it.
  • Most dogs are treat motivated.  If you dog is treat motivated, have a pouch of treats at the ready, and use “good dog” praise liberally.  
  • If there are other dogs or small children in the family, have them stay in the home while you are training the older dog.  Extra dogs and children playing easy distract you and the senior dog making it               more difficult to learn.
  • Select the conditions favorable to train your dog-  a time of the day when they are naturally more active, when there is good weather, and they are feeling less pain.
  • Remember they have never seen a Ruff Ramp before and have no idea what it is or why it is there.  Putting treats every couple of feet on Ruff Ramp will help the learning process.
  • Start your dog where they are naturally better.  For instance, if your dog seems to struggle going up the stairs, start training on Ruff Ramp at the top of the ramp going down.   If going down is more of a            problem, start at the bottom of Ruff Ramp going up.
  • Have your dog on leash to help guide them onto the ramp, and prevent side stepping the ramp. 
  • When they start down (or up) Ruff Ramp, do not allow them to back up.  Put a leg behind them so if they start to back up, your leg will block them.  Forward is the only way they can go and treats are           waiting along the way for them.
  • When they get to the end, give lots of praise for them.  Re-line Ruff Ramp with more treats and repeat the process in the other direction.
  • Some dogs figure out Ruff Ramp the first time.  Other may take several days of multiple times up and down Ruff Ramp to feel comfortable using it.  Remember older dog can have dementia just like older people.  Training must be consistent over  any extended period for a dog with dementia to learn how to use Ruff Ramp.

Aging dogs are similar to aging people.  We have all seen people in their 60s that are in pain like their 90, and 90 year olds that act like they are in their 60s.  Same with dogs, but dogs rarely complain about pain and if that 9 year old dog feels like a 12 year old dog, they need Ruff Ramp right away.  If your dog is showing any hesitancy in using the staircase, they needed Ruff Ramp six months ago.  It is better to purchase it earlier than later because of their ability to hide pain from you, and so they can learn how to use it when they are not in pain, or losing their memory.

Made In USA

Ruff Ramp products are proudly made in the United States

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