Ease Your Dog’s Pain With Ruff Ramp

Ruff Ramp’s unique revolutionary features make it easy for your dog to use stairs

When your dog’s health does not allow for the easy navigation of stairs, it’s time to make their life better with Ruff Ramp.

Ruff Ramp is a ramp designed for dogs to help them navigate stairs more easily. It provides a gentle slope for dogs to walk up or down instead of using stairs. This can be especially useful for older dogs, dogs with mobility issues, or small dogs who may have difficulty climbing stairs. 

Ruff Ramp allows dogs to move comfortably and safely helping them relieve pain, reducing strain on their joints or risking injury.

Ruff Ramp Features


To install Ruff Ramp, you simply assemble the guard rails and attach them to each plank section, align each plank section and fasten them to joist support,  place one end on the top stair,  screw the stability posts to Ruff Ramp and anchor with landscape spikes and screws.


Ruff Ramp’s standard sizes cover a staircase of up to 8 steps. Customization is available for longer staircases or if your staircase turns. Ramps are available for small, medium and large dogs.


Ruff Ramp incorporates cleats that your dog can push off of when going up the stairs for better traction, and use going down the stairs to prevent sliding. Each cleat has been rounded so there are no sharp corners.


Ruff Ramp is built with wood selected to last in an outdoor environment.  We use stainless steel fasteners to prevent corrosion and discolorations.  In addition, if we finish your Ruff Ramp, we use solid stain and apply two coats and a coat of urethane to the cut ends so that it is waterproof. Ruff Ramp includes stabilizing posts at strategic locations to take the “bounce” out of your dog’s traverse of the staircase. It’s rock solid so your pet feels safe and secure when on it.


A guide rail runs along the entire length of Ruff Ramp which discourages jumpers from leaving the ramp early. The bottom rail is raised which assists old dogs in keeping the hind legs over the ramp, and the upper rail provides a visual clue as to where to walk on the ramp. If your best friend is visually impaired, the upper rail can be installed to give them tactile guidance as to where to walk on the ramp.

Ease the Pain of Arthritis, Hip Dysplasia, and Spinal Issues with Ruff Ramp! Less Pain Means a Happier and Healthier Dog

10 Stair Ruff Ramp

Three sizes are available so your dog enjoys the safest Ruff Ramp

Ruff Ramp for Small, Medium and Large Dogs.
Small Dogs
Medium Dogs
Large Dogs

“Ruff Ramp was exactly what we needed for our senior dog having trouble going down stairs. He is fearful in general but it only took going down Ruff Ramp twice for him to learn how to use it. It made it easier for us when letting him out and allowed him to keep his independence. The product is amazingly well made and withstood the wind, snow and rain of a Northeast winter without issue.”


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